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Rigonauts Review

When you take a great idea for a mobile game and turn it into a PC game, sometimes that idea doesn't turn out all that great. This is the case with Rigonauts, a charming build-and-battle game that poses some cool ideas, most of which would work better if they stayed confined to iOS and Android devices. The funny thing is that this game is not yet available for said platforms. As it stands, Rigonauts turns out to be a fun little distraction, but it's not without a few not-so-pleasant quirks. You play as a race of creatures known as the Hobs. After being forced to perform grueling tasks for their evil masters, these guys decide it's time to get the heck away. So what do they do? They build a ship and plan their escape, ready for any cruel overlords that may get in... Read Review

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    Rigonauts review

    David Sanchez Sep 20, 2012