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Richard & Alice Review

She is adrift in a world of white. What was once a dazzling rarity has become an unending hell; snow is everywhere. It assaults her vision, and her eyes wince, reluctant to see it again. It envelops her body in a coat of unseen needles, and her extremities cry out in rejection, already darkened by its touch. It drains her, attacks her, as it does the world. A world of cities, now graveyards, pockmarked by homes just as empty. A world driven to chaos, devoid of the bygone novelties of wrong and right. Living? Living is survival, nothing more than hollow procrastination. She lives an unwinnable race against the white. Always the fucking white. You smash every object you’re currently carrying into the door in front of you in the hopes that a newspaper, diary, cooking tray and... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Richard & Alice.