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On paper, Rhythm Zone is a compelling idea; a simple four-button rhythm game that gives PC gamers the ability to play their own library of songs with support for friends and global leaderboards. How could this possibly be a disaster?Rhythm Zone opts for a single mode that allows players to jump in and play any of the 20+ included songs, or start importing their own. The songs that come with the... Read Review

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Rhythm Zone Review

On paper, Rhythm Zone is a compelling idea; a simple four-button rhythm game that gives PC gamers the ability to play their own library of songs with Read More


Nintendo Download - 11/16/09 - Try Before You Buy: Nintendo Offers 5 Game Demos to Guide Holiday Sho

This week's Nintendo Download brings something a little bit different to the mix: downloadable WiiWare demos. Who would have imagined, right? The demos available thus far are BIT.TRIP BEAT, FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a Darklord, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, World of Goo, and this week's new release, Pokémon Rumble. And speaking of Pokémon Rumble, members of Club Nintendo will be able to unlock an exclusive Toy Pokémon character for use in the game. Virtual Console has two classics in Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures for the Super NES, and yet another version of Street Fighter II, this time for the Turbografx. At least it should make a decent companion for last week's release of Fighting Street. And finally, DSiWare has a triple threat of a new Art Style program, Arcade Bowling, and Robot Rescue. For more details on each of these titles and the demo downloads, check out the full press release after the cut. Read More


Best Buy Celebrates The Beatles: Rock Band with In-Store Events; Rock Band Goes Barhopping

The Beatles: Rock Band is due to hit store shelves in just one week, much to the delight of millions of teens around the globe who have forgotten that it's no longer the 60's. And Best Buy plans to exploitcelebrate Beatlemania by giving away all-expenses paid trips to London, which includes an exclusive tour of Abbey Road Studios and all-access membership to its Reward Zone Premier Silver program. Elsewhere in the world of Rock Band, Harmonix and MTV Games have announced "Rock Band Bar Nights," which is basically a more official way to set up a Rock Band game inside your local pub and do the rock star thing, "revolutionizing the standard karaoke night in bars." Learn all the details after the cut. Read More


Wii-kly Update - 03/16/09: BIT.TRIP BEAT and Summer Games II

"You sit there, and you talk about your online and your DLC... well, Wii-kly Update 3/16 says I just whooped your ass!" Sorry, but when else would I have such a great opportunity to channel Stone Cold? But in reality, the Wii-kly Update is looking a bit like an if-fy update this week. For the Virtual Console, we have Commodore 64's Summer Games II; I don't remember if we got Summer Games or not, but then, there have been a fair number of VC releases which have been anything but chronological. The WiiWare release of the week seems as though it may have a little more promise, at least for the retro crowd. BIT.TRIP BEAT features "retro visuals, classic game play, four-player multiplayer and an 8-bit soundtrack," so that's definitely enticing. On the other hand, it's a rhythm game... and I absolutely suck at those. We'll have some screens of BIT.TRIP BEAT soon, and for now, you can learn more about each title after the cut. Read More


Punch-Out! Dated - Spring Line for Wii and DS

Punch-Out! is coming on May 18th, according to the latest gigantic Nintendo press release. You'll have to hit the break for that, but a few things of note. It's big, I think I already said that, it comes with a release schedule that runs from now until June or, simply, Summer. There's also a slate of descriptions for some bigger upcoming titles off of said roster. One weird thing here is the presence of Wii Sports Resort, the one that makes use of the Wii Motion Plus device; it's Spring 2009 release has been changed to merely 2009. Hit the break for a gigundus wall of text! Read More


Wii Fit - WII - Review

Are you a couch potato or a calorie burner? A yoga trainer or bodybuilder? These are some of the labels youll be given when playing Wii Fit, the inno Read More


MLB - PSP - Review

You have to feel a touch sorry for the pitcher who, nursing a two-run lead, puts two runners on with no outs in the bottom of the seventh and then se Read More