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Play using YOUR OWN MUSIC and get into the Rhythm Zone of your favorite indie, electronica, metal, rock, hip hop, pop songs, and more! Every game session is unique and is matched to awesome and surreal changing backgrounds that are generated by your music. Experience falling-note beat-matching gaming in a dynamic new dimension while using your keyboard or any USB based plug and play controller.

Rhythm Zone Review

On paper, Rhythm Zone is a compelling idea; a simple four-button rhythm game that gives PC gamers the ability to play their own library of songs with support for friends and global leaderboards. How could this possibly be a disaster?Rhythm Zone opts for a single mode that allows players to jump in and play any of the 20+ included songs, or start importing their own. The songs that come with the game are from different indie artists, most of which you probably won’t know. That’s where your years of song collecting comes into play. The process of importing them into the game is the problem. There is no way to upload more than a single song at a time, which makes uploading full albums a tedious process. What’s more frustrating is that each song takes 10-20 seconds to get “analyzed” and... Read Review

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    Rhythm Zone Review

    Mike Splechta Nov 23, 2010