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Rhythm Heaven features original music in dozens of rhythm-based minigames. The music, created by legendary Japanese pop-star producer TSUNKU, is addictive and catchy. Even though the controls are simple to grasp, each minigame challenges the player

Rhythm Heaven - NDS Review

Platform: Nintendo 3DS (reviewed) Previously Released: Gameboy Advancce, Nintendo DS Developers: Nintendo SDP Publisher: Nintendo Introduction: Rhythm Heaven Megamix is another fever dream from the guys at Nintendo SDP, the same Nintendo division that made the WarioWare series. This is actually immediately apparent from the get-go, as the game is just as non-sequitur and silly as their WarioWare titles. It’s not actually a reboot or re-release of the previous games, but instead incorporates many old and new mini-games into the mix. It also features a story, something new to the series known for random happenings. Never fear though! Even with a story, this game makes very little sense in a good and charming way. You help a little guy named Tibby get back... Read Review

Rhythm Heaven - NDS Cheats

Hidden Telephone songs (US)

Unlock Nintendo DS

Due to the numbers being changed around in the English version, I think it'd be appropriate to say the numbers. In the same order; Business Card toy 5553282338 - Tunnel Endless game 5557325937 - Samurai Slice Endless game 5557268724 - Battle of the Bands 5557625688.

Hidden throughout the game are secret telephone codes. By entering them into the telephone in Rhythm Toys (requires 4 medals) you will hear secret songs/random sounds from the original GBA Rhythm Tengoku. Listed below are the telephone codes and where they are located: 831*831*831* - Business Card under Rhythm Toys (requires 1 medal) 2*21*98 - Tunnel Endless Game (requires 12 medals) 246936*1 - Samurai Endless Game (requires 17 medals) 44*82831* - Live Contest (must beat all 50 stages) Note:'*' denotes a musical note.

Unlock Rhythm Toys

Unlock Nintendo DS
Beat Bag Get 19 Medals
Beat Machine Get 14 Medals
Business Card Get 1 Medal
Kappa DJ Get 24 Medals
Octopus Machine Get 11 Medals
Phone Get 5 Medals
Slot Monster Get 8 Medals

Unlock Endless Games

Unlock Nintendo DS
Coin Toss Get 2 Medals
Glass Tappers Get 22 Medals
Rhythmove Dungeon Get 27 Medals
Samrai Slice Get 17 Medals
Shoot-'Em-Up Get 7 Medals
Tunnel Get 12 Medals

Unlock All Songs in the Jukebox

Unlock Nintendo DS
Unlock All Songs Perfect all 50 stages.

Guitar Lessons

Unlock Nintendo DS
Basic Guitar Lessons Beat Rocker (Stage 6-3) and have at least 15 medals.
Technical Guitar Lessons Beat Rocker 2 (Stage 10-4) and have at least 35 medals

Constant Perfect Challenges

Unlock Nintendo DS

Obtain a Medal on all 50 songs and there will no longer be any wait between Perfect challenges.

Battle Of the Bands

Unlock Nintendo DS
Battle of the bands Beat Remix 10

Airboard Minigame

Unlock Nintendo DS
Airboard Minigame Beat remixes 1 through 6