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Rhythm Heaven features original music in dozens of rhythm-based minigames. The music, created by legendary Japanese pop-star producer TSUNKU, is addictive and catchy. Even though the controls are simple to grasp, each minigame challenges the player

Rhythm Heaven - NDS Review

Platform: Nintendo 3DS (reviewed) Previously Released: Gameboy Advancce, Nintendo DS Developers: Nintendo SDP Publisher: Nintendo Introduction: Rhythm Heaven Megamix is another fever dream from the guys at Nintendo SDP, the same Nintendo division that made the WarioWare series. This is actually immediately apparent from the get-go, as the game is just as non-sequitur and silly as their WarioWare titles. It’s not actually a reboot or re-release of the previous games, but instead incorporates many old and new mini-games into the mix. It also features a story, something new to the series known for random happenings. Never fear though! Even with a story, this game makes very little sense in a good and charming way. You help a little guy named Tibby get back... Read Review

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    Review: Rhythm Heaven Megamix

    Steve Knauer Jul 7, 2016