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Japanese pop music producer and hit maker TSUNKU is bringing his pop star rhythm training methods to the Wii with Rhythm Heaven Fever. Players will have to feel the rhythm deep down and tap the A and B buttons on the Wii Remote in time with the music and whimsical on screen hoopla. If you've ever wanted to test or improve the way you move and groove to the beat, your prescription is Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Rhythm Heaven Fever Review

Rhythm Heaven on the DS was definitely an acquired taste, and you either loved it for its quirky nature and catchy beats or absolutely hated it. It makes sense though, since the game exudes Japanese culture to the brim. Rhythm Heaven Fever was initially not going to make it to the US but thankfully Nintendo decided to change their tune and port it over regardless. What we get, is an extremely addicting and simplistic rhythm game that is so Japanese, some people just might not get it, and for those, I can already tell you, this game's not for you. Rhythm Heaven Fever tasks you with pressing the A button or the A + B buttons in rhythmic fashion, whether you're copying on screen movements or just following the beat, it helps if you're in any way rhythmically inclined,... Read Review

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