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Rhythm Heaven Fever - Feature

Rhythm Heaven Fever: Cheats, Guides, and Help Discussions

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Unlock 2-Player Endless Games:

Bossa Nova Get 8 (all) Duo Medals
Clap Trap Get 1 Duo Medal
Kung Fu Ball Get 4 Duo Medals
Mochi Poundingq Get 2 Duo Medals
Pirate Crew Get 6 Duo Medals


Unlock Endless Games:

Endless Remix Get Perfects on all 50 games
Lady Cupid Get 32 Medals
Mr. Upbeat Get 3 Medals
Munchy Monk Get 23 Medals
Wake-Up Caller Get 11 Medals


Unlock Extra Games:

Unlock Rhythm Toys:

Hi-Hat Get 14 Medals
Police Call Get 7 Medals
Rhythm Fighter Get 21 Medals
Toy Car Get 1 Medal