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Rhythm Destruction is a rhythm / shoot em up(shmup) game. Inspired by classic shooters such as Ikaruga & Gradius and infused with the intensity of addictive rhythm gameplay, it is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Blast your way through 10 thrilling and challenging stages, fueled by the sounds of upbeat electronic music.

Rhythm Destruction Review

The life of a designer can be a tough one, especially indie creators who just want the public to enjoy their craft, but may not have the means to fully flesh out their ideas, let alone get the word out. Thankfully for the two-man team over at Curious Panda, Kickstarter allowed their brainchild Rhythm Destruction to come to life with the help of fans curious enough to see what a rhythm shoot-em-up game actually plays like. Turns out it’s a chaotic yet synced mix of electronic dance music and space. Rhythm Destruction has a simple objective: make it to the end of a level while avoiding enemy obstacles. You use the WASD keys to move the spaceship around (though it does support an Xbox 360 gamepad) while simultaneously tapping the correct directional buttons to destroy... Read Review

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