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A Look at PlayStation Move's Third Party Support

Sony's Move was revealed at GDC with some first party offerings. Third party support, apparently, is strong as well. Sony announced some of the companies that have planned support for the system's motion controller. On the list are some recognized names, but what types of games can be expected from the rest? How about a recent track record for the lesser known third party companies involved? This list will take practically days to read, so enjoy it. Read More


Rez Creator Reveals New Wii Game

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of the musical rail-shooter Rez, appeared at the Atari event in London today in order to announce that he is now working on a new music-based game for the Wii.The publisher showed nothing of the game except for a logo of the title, QJ, but fans of Mizugichi's work will be expecting a unique rhythmic game with pumping house tunes and some unique visuals, if his previous work is anything to go by. Along with that, the publisher also announced a compilation disc of Q-Entertainment games to release for 30 Euros. On one disc you'll get Rez HD, Lumines Live, Every Extend Extra Extreme and all the downloadable content for each. Not bad. -- CVGNo release dates were given for either title. But I wonder if there are any plans to bring back the Trance Vibrator... Read More


Xbox Live Doing the Black Friday Thing

Before you venture out into the wilds of the shopping free-for-all known as Black Friday, fire up your Xbox 360 and score yourself some deals that you know won't be sold out when you get there. This afternoon, the sharp dressed man known as Major Nelson announced via his blog that even the Xbox Live Marketplace was getting in on the Black Friday deals. Great news but the only bad thing is that it's only available for those 360 owners that live in the US. Boooooo! Here's what's on sale: Rez HD: 500 Points Arkadian Warriors: 500 Points Assault Heroes: 250 Points Catan: 500 Points Brain Challenge: 500 Points Boogie Bunnies: 500 Points Golf: Tee It Up!: 500 Points GH3 Metallica "Death Magnetic" Full Album: 1000 Points Forza – March Car Pack: 250 Points Crackdown – Getting Busy Bonus Pack: 500 Points Rock Band All That Remains Pack 01: 290 Points Lips – The Remedy (Jason Mraz): 100 Points Gears of War 2 – Last Day: 180 Points Sonic Unleashed: 180 Points Castle Crashers Premium Theme: 180 Points If you don't own Rez HD or Arkadian Warriors you should definitely pick them up for 500 Points The other stuff gets a big resounding MEH from me though. Seems like a bunch of stuff that wouldn't sell at full price so they're getting cut to move a couple of copies, but I suppose that's what Black Friday is all about. Read More


Rock Band Goes to Japan

Rock Band Goes to Japan Harmonix and MTV to Partner with Q Entertainment for Rock Band: Japan Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games announced today th Read More


Capcom Games Suffer from XBLA Size Limit; PS3 Versions Better?

While interviewing Capcom's Bionic Commando Producer Ben Judd, 1UP found out that, much like worries of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, the Xbox 360 version of Bionic Commando Rearmed could suffer from lower-resolution textures as a result of the limit on Arcade file sizes at 150MB. This surprised Microsoft's corporate VP of Xbox Live, Software, and Services, John Schappert, when told of it. "Last I checked it was Capcom that had an exception to our file size with Street Fighter II [Hyper Fighting].... We raised our limit to 150 megs, which seems pretty darn great.... I don't think it has limited our games in any way. Look at Rez HD. Look at Poker Smash. Look at Undertow. These are very, very, very good games." Despite the issue being raised, Microsoft has no plans to increase the limit. Xbox Live Group Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg believes the size factor to be a key part of the Arcade experience. "We still want Arcade to stand more for quick pick-up-and-play games that are easy to download," he says. "They're still uniquely different than the retail games. We have to draw a line in the sand somewhere." Read More