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Reversi - Online - Feature

Reversi - Online: Cheats, Guides, and Help Discussions

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search for "6708 487A 0190 4EBA F696" change to "6008 487A 0190 4EBA F696" search for "6708 487A 0152 4EBA F988" change to "6008 487A 0152 4EBA F988" search for "4EBA 08C2 3E1F 4EF9" change to "A9F4 08C2 3E1F 4EF9" search for "4EBA 0BF0 3E1F 4EF9" change to "A9F4 0BF0 3E1F 4EF9" search for "4EBA 04D0 3E1F 4EF9" change to "A9F4 08C2 3E1F 4EF9"