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In true Kung-Fu fashion, Revenge of the Wounded Dragons players have two goals: avenge their grandfathers death and rescue their sister from the local mafia boss. To achieve this, fighters can grab objects and weapons to defeat oncoming waves of enemies, and stun them with grasshopper kicks, fiery elbows or exploding fist moves. Users can play in single player mode or try special cooperative moves with a friend.

Revenge of the Wounded Dragons Review

The theme is familiar, and yet those campy kung-fu movies draw viewers back time and again to witness the action. Give Artificial Mind & Movement credit, though, for they captured the essence of the movies – from the retread storyline to the musical score – and transforming it to a platformer on the PlayStation Network. Revenge of the Wounded Dragons is not unique, by any stretch. The story line involves a family trained in kung-fu who is bullied. The elderly patron of the family is shot, the sister is kidnapped. That leaves the brothers out to rescue their sibling and avenge the death of the father. And that is all you need to know about the story. From that point on it is a series of levels built in side-scrolling fashion. The protagonist can pick up items –... Read Review

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