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  • Release Date(s): Aug 21, 2012
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Rick Rocket has just saved the universe! Unfortunately, the massive destruction he left in his wake has caused a temporal anomaly that has reversed the flow of time. The player must assume control of Rick's spacecraft and fight through the epic space battle... in reverse! Retro/Grade is an innovative game that fuses the white knuckle thrills and over the top visuals of a shooter with the broad appeal of a rhythm game. Players are forced to dodge enemy projectiles while positioning the ship to be in the correct place to fire their lasers when their shots come back to them.

Retro/Grade Review

It's funny how games can sneak up on you out of nowhere, after lingering so long in development hell that you wonder if they'll ever find a release.  Not only did we get the much anticipated (but nearly forgotten about) Xbox Live Arcade game Dust: An Elysian Tail (by the way, read our review, it's fantastic), but next week, we'll finally be getting the oft-delayed Retro/Grade, which has made numerous appearances at game conventions, but has been given a general shrug by its developer, 24 Caret Games, when it came to release info.  So now that it's hitting the finish line, how is it?  Very good, actually…provided you have the mettle to tackle its challenges. The game takes an interesting approach.  At first glance, it resembles a side... Read Review

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    Retro/Grade review

    Robert Workman Aug 17, 2012