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Retro City Rampage is a downloadable action-adventure video game for WiiWare, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and Microsoft Windows developed by Vblank Entertainment. It is a parody of retro games and 80's and 90's pop culture as well as the popular Grand Theft Augo series and the games that followed it.

Retro City Rampage Review

Back at E3, Retro City Rampage was my personal game of the show. I was so captivated by the endearing NES influence and the charming 8-bit mayhem that developer VBlank Entertainment offered that all I wanted was for the game to finally launch so I could play it in its entirety. Now that creator Brian Provinciano has finally released the game, it’s evident that Retro City Rampage is not just a love letter to NES games from the ‘80s – it is a NES game, and a damn great one, too. You take on the role of a street thug who goes by the name of Player. Your main objective is to aid a senile mad scientist as he scavenges for different components to repair his time-traveling car. Though there’s plenty of dialogue in Retro City Rampage, it often feels like most of... Read Review

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