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Experience the most intense destruction ever, as the power of PlayStation®4 renders the entire world and every enemy, using millions of individual building blocks (voxels) that break up in real time as you battle to survive and the world is destroyed around you.

Resogun Review

Resogun is Geometry Wars 2013. There’s no better way to describe it for those that were there for the 360 launch back in 2005. The stage was shockingly similar -- the first next-gen platform to market came along with a suite of games that ranged from decent-to-awful, without a ton of big, standout titles to truly define the console. Still, there was Geometry Wars, and it was amazing. The ironic thing was that Geometry Wars wasn’t much more than a showcase of particle effects. It was an arcade style, laser light show that really didn’t do much to show off the 360 as a crazy technical marvel. It didn’t matter though, because it was fun, addicting, and everyone that touched it fell in love. Yeah, new hardware was a good thing, but Geometry Wars proved... Read Review

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