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Resident Evil 5 Producer Leaves For Now

The producer of Resident Evil 5 said recently that he wouldn't return for the next game. This further promotes speculation that the next major entry will be another drastic change for the franchise. Jun Takeuchi told Xbox 360 Magazine that he is leaving the series for a while. "As far as the series is concerned I'm not planning to return until at least two more Olympics have passed!" He said this after noting the pressure he felt from the series' legacy while producing RE5. "Yes, it's true we did feel extreme pressure - and [Shinji] Mikami-san's shadow - after Resi 4," he said. "However, because we were creating the sequel to this huge franchise we wanted to make our fresh direction clear." Read More


16K Sales of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Causes Capcom to Reconsider Wii

Recently, SEGA expressed their belief that Mature-rated titles on the Wii were a gamble which simply did not pay off, thus leading to no such titles planned for the foreseeable future. And having moved only 16,000 copies of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the same platform over three weeks' time, it appears that Capcom is ready to take a similar stance, instead shifting their focus elsewhere. Read More


Clergymen Accuse Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles of Promoting the Occult, Capcom Responds

I hope that everyone has been doing their prescribed eye-rolling workouts, because you're going to need the benefits of training for this one. Three UK clergymen, Bishop Bryant of Jarrow, Archdeacon Brian Smith, and Rt Rev John Goddard, have each accused Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles of promoting the occult and glamorizing violence. The latter said "If we dabble in this area we open ourselves to influences and put ourselves at risk. I would regard any encouragement for children to be drawn into this behaviour with extreme horror." Read More


Deal of the Day: Amazon is Selling Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Cheap!

Amazon is such a great place for gamers to find awesome deals these days, and today's deal is quite a nice one. Amazon is offering up Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles for only $15.98 for their "Deal of the Day" promotion. So if you have yet to rent or buy this game now would be a good time to snatch it up for super cheap, since it is 47% less than its original price and everything. Quantity is most likely limited so hurry up! Quite a decent game for an excellent price, really no reason not to take advantage of it, right? You could always grab it as a gift for Christmas as well for a friend or family member. Didn't think about that did you? Good thing you have us to give you awesome ideas, right? No? Well don't say I never tried to help you out then! Read More


Media: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Images and Why It's Not Like RE4

For many Resident Evil fans, all they really want is another adventure like Resident Evil 4 to play on their Wii. And for those fans, The Darkside Chronicles is not at all what they were expecting or wanting, especially after the remarkable sales brought in by the Wii Edition of RE4. Instead, The Darkside Chronicles follows the play style for the series established in The Umbrella Chronicles, and there are those who would love to know why. Fortunately, Chief Producer Masachika Kawata was willing to divulge just that. Read More


Mature Wii Games Need "X-Factor"

Ever since the Nintendo Wii has been released, the debate of game quality between casual titles and more hardcore titles have increased. Games suited for more of the hardcore fan base have not received the best reviews and the Wii becomes increasingly known for its success for more casual and children oriented games. The issue is of no surprise to Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles producer Masachika Kawatadult Kawatadult explains why some of the hardcore titles fail on the Wii after the break. Read More


Overlord Developer Says Wii Ports of 360 Games Don't Work

When conducting an interview with Triumph Studios Creative Director Lennart Sas, Official Xbox Magazine asked why the company decided to create a separate version of its new title, Overlord II, for the Wii console. "That was our publisher's decision to do that," he explained, "And I think that it's a good decision because I don't think direct ports to the Wii work..." Find out why he believes this is the case after the cut. Read More


High Voltage Believes the Wii is Capable of More, Hopes Gamers Get to See More of It

If there is one thing you have to give developer High Voltage Software credit for, it is their strong belief in what the Wii is capable of, as well as their desire to bring it out. Now that The Conduit is in the wild, IGN had a chance to sit down for a moment with HVS Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger and discuss a few things. One item of particular note to some may be the question regarding their opinion of the quantity of rail-shooters that seem to be coming for the Wii. Check out the excerpt after the cut. Read More


Dead Space Extraction Developer: Wii is "Perfect for Mature Action Games"

Some people will tell you that there is no place for mature games on the Wii. They may even point to the likes of MadWorld or some other titles to back up their point. However, John Calhoun is no such person. On the Nintendo Channel, the story designer for Dead Space Extraction not only praises the console's controls and "how much fun" they are in his game, but he also says something with which sales numbers have seemed to disagree. Read More