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Cheats for Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

Unlock Characters in Multiplayer

  • DS
  • unlock
Barry Beat the game with Jill once in Rebirth Mode
Enrico Marini Clear all Co-op levels in Wireless Play.
Forest Speyer Complete Classic Mode as Jill.
Kenneth J. Sullivan Complete Classic Mode as Chris.
Rebecca Chambers Complete Rebirth Mode as Chris.
Richard Aiken Clear all Versus Mode levels in Wireless Play.
Wesker Get a Rank B in Masters of Knifing and beat all 5 levels

Special Key

  • DS
  • unlock
  • Beat Jill Valentine's Scenario by keeping Barry Burton and Chris alive.


  • Beat Chris Redfield's Scenario by keeping Rebecca Chambers and Jill alive.
  • Savee on a empty save slot. Load that save up and you will have the Special Key in your inventory.
  • It can be useable in a room in Mansion 1F which in turn will grant you a costume change for your character.