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Backlogged: So Many Games, So Little Time

For better or worse, the holiday sales have descended upon us. For many gamers, that means new gaming purchases for themselves. And even more gamers will be receiving games as gifts. For nearly all gamers, that means expanding backlogs. Read More


Resident Evil 5 Will Only "Move" If You're "Golden"

First off, I apologize for the terrible puns in the headline, but it's early and I'm not a morning person. More importantly, word has come from Capcom that the only version of Resident Evil 5 which will support the PlayStation Move is the Gold edition. Sorry early adopters, your love of Capcom's survival horror series will now officially preclude you from playing through the game again with the Move controller. Kind of makes you want to throw a burlap sack over your head and find a chainsaw doesn't it? Find out why after the break. Read More


Media: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition - Lost in Nightmares Launch Trailer, Costume Snafu

The first of the new wave of downloadable content for Resident Evil 5 hit Xbox LIVE yesterday and the PlayStation Network today. Here is a trailer for the first DLC episode, "Lost in Nightmare:" As you can see in the trailer, they are showing off some of the new outfits available for Chris and Sheva. However, releasing those costumes has hit something of a snag:All marketing materials and messaging to this point has stated that Costume Pack 1 will include the "Heavy Metal" and "Business" costumes, however, the actual file that can currently be downloaded is for the "Warrior" and "Fairy Tale" costumes intended for Costume Pack 2.The issue is being resolved with Microsoft, and may result in some downtime on their servers tonight. The Warrior and Fairy Tale costumes are what is being made available on PSN tomorrow, and it seems they will remain on Xbox LIVE as well. You can see what you will be getting here. The Heavy Metal/Business package will arrive on XBL/PSN on 3/3 and 3/4, respectively. Read More


Media: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition - Barry and Rebecca Screens and Video, Plus Origin of Desperate

Wow, quite an update for you all today on the Gold front of Resident Evil 5. A few days ago, we had mentioned the return of Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers to the Mercenaries Reunion fold, thanks to a story in Weekly Famitsu. Today, we have all sorts of new details to go with that; in addition to 14 images added to the gallery, there are two new videos as well: Both of these classic S.T.A.R.S. members come equipped with their own customized weapon load-outs and will be strong allies as you gun down enemies, chain together kill combos, and rack up the points. Read More


New Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Characters Revealed

The Weekly Famitsu issue reviewing Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition has revealed the last two characters to be added to the game. Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton will be playable in the new Mercenaries Reunion mode of the game. This goes on top of previously revealed characters like campaign villainess Excella Gionne. Chambers and Burton are two fan favorite characters who haven't appeared in a Resident Evil game in eight years and 14 years respectively. Read More


BlazBlue Continuum Shift Console Ports Confirmed Through Leak

A leak of next week's issue of Famitsu has confirmed that there will be console ports of the new BlazBlue game. BlazBlue: Cointinuum Shift – a sort of sequel/expansion pack, will bring various rebalances along with new characters. The two completely new characters are called Tsubaki Yaoi who appeared at the end of the first game's story mode, and Hazama. A third new character called Lambda-11 will replace the character Nu. Every returning character will also receive at least one new move. This comes along with various smaller balances, a new HUD, and redone stages. Read More


Resident Evil 5 Director Speaks of New Episode's Ties to RE1

Leading up to the release of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Director Yasuhiro Anpo and Capcom Unity will be posting blogs about the creation of the game's all-new content every Thursday until its release on March 9th. His first such entry details the ties the game bears to the first Resident Evil game, with the new episode "LOST IN NIGHTMARES" paying it tribute. Read More


Media: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition - Mercenaries Reunion: Excella and Josh

Capcom has released two new trailers for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition featuring two characters from the Mercenaries Reunion mode. First up is Excella Gionne, who has some nasty-but-stylish moves to put the hurt on some Majini, including a heel stop, neck injection, and humiliating ear grab to face slap. All this in heels, no less, which themselves make for a rather wince-worthy stomping. Also joining in on the fun is BSAA agent Josh Stone, who you'll find after the cut. Read More