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A Look at A Boy and His Blob, Including Fact Sheet and Screens

A Look at A Boy and His Blob, Including Fact Sheet and Screens

When THQ recently boasted about their successful sales numbers on the Wii by stating "The people who buy Nintendo games, [we want to] get them to buy things like de Blob," the last thing they probably expected was for another company to seemingly take those words at face value, bringing another blob back into the Nintendo playspace. Granted, WayForward and Majesco have undoubtedly been working on their new Wii title, A Boy and His Blob, since before the CEO of THQ made his speech last month, but it's hard not to find the idea at least a little amusing as Blob-mania seems to be sweeping across numerous websites. Read More

kombo Mar 5, 2009 | Comments
Barnyard - GC - Review

Barnyard - GC - Review

THQ, known for their licensed video games on childrens films, brings forth another movie-enthused title.s Barnyard and THQ hopes to mix up the genre Read More

jkdmedia Aug 28, 2006 | Comments
Opinionated: 07/26/2006

Opinionated: 07/26/2006

Phil promoted, does Twilight Princess suck on Wii, how much will Wii controllers cost and where are all the Nintendo second parties? More inside. Read More

kombo Jul 26, 2006 | Comments