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  • Release Date(s): Nov 21, 2012
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In Red Dawn, a city in Washington state awakens to the surreal sight of foreign paratroopers dropping from the sky – shockingly, the U.S. has been invaded and their hometown is the initial target. Quickly and without warning, the citizens find themselves prisoners and their town under enemy occupation. Determined to fight back, a group of young patriots seek refuge in the surrounding woods, training and reorganizing themselves into a guerilla group of fighters. Taking inspiration from their high school mascot, they call themselves the Wolverines, banding together to protect one another, liberate their town from its captors, and take back their freedom. The movie stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers), Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), Josh Peck (Drake & Josh), Isabel Lucas (Transformers), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Watchmen).

Red Dawn (2012) Review

Red Dawn may be a remake of a 1980's Cold War cult classic, but for anyone who was burned by a certain recent military shooter, it may be more accurately considered Homefront: The Motion Picture. Conceptually, that's not that crazy. After all, Homefront itself credits its plot to original Red Dawn writer/director John Milius. To create a modern United States invasion story, both Homefront and the Red Dawn remake jump to a lot of the same, somewhat preposterous conclusions. If only Homefront had half the heart of Red Dawn. I think we'd still be talking about it today. Whereas Homefront was all somber, grisly set pieces and nary a memorable character, Red Dawn focuses on its crew of young freedom fighters at the expense of overall believability. Sure, the... Read Review

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