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Homefront Review

To say that the film Red Dawn made an impact on me is an understatement. It was released when I was three, so I can’t say exactly how old I was whe Read More

GameZone Admin Mar 16, 2011 | Comments
Amazon Reveal Possible Lords Of Shadow Special Edition

Amazon Reveal Possible Lords Of Shadow Special Edition

  Whoops—another online retailer has inadvertently revealed something they shouldn't have. This time it's Amazon, with what looks very much like a special edition of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. This sort of thing is happening so often now, it's almost like it's deliberate. There's a conspiracy theory to chew on. Enjoy. So what is a special edition? A miserable little pile of extras? Or something more? Find out after the jump. Read More

kombo Aug 11, 2010 | Comments
Naughty Bear's Very Naughty Multiplayer Details Revealed

Naughty Bear's Very Naughty Multiplayer Details Revealed

505 Games and Artificial Mind and Movement revealed today exactly how their impending game Naughty Bear is going to allow players to be naughty to one another. A press release details Naughty Bear's multiplayer modes, about which they have recently been very hush-hush. In fact, Lead Designer Ash Pannell recently avoided revealing details when I asked him about the multiplayer. "The multiplayer takes everything that you saw in the single player, and just makes it more intense and crazy," he said. "Imagine what you're doing to other bears, and then imagine that you're doing it to your friends, and that will give you a rough idea of what multiplayer's all about." Hit the jump for the details. Read More

kombo Jun 21, 2010 | Comments

Medal of Honor preview

Ready to jockey for position in the race for the best first-person shooter on the market, Electronic Arts is gearing up to release the latest install Read More

GameZone Staff Jun 14, 2010 | Comments