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Record of Agarest War: Really Naughty Limited Edition

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Record of Agarest War Comes to Xbox 360 With a Very Disturbing Special Edition

Record of Agarest War was a rather surprising release when it came to the PS3 last year. Even though it was download only, publisher Aksys Games was certainly taking a risk on the sex-driven, anime fetishist RPG. Well, now they're taking an even bigger one by bringing the game to the usually non-JRPG friendly Xbox 360, and on disc at that. Of course, to boot, they're throwing in a ton of accessories that will make you quite embarrassed to buy the game. Record of Agarest War: The Really Naughty Limited Edition (and no, we are not kidding on that title), comes with the game and a soundtrack CD, but all of the normalcy stops there. Along with a collector's edition box featuring naked anime girls taking a bath, the game also comes with a pillowcase adorned with one of the game's characters, not to mention a "Sensual Vira-Lor mouse pad" with an attached wrist rest shaped like a pair of breasts. In other words, if you buy this game, it's pretty clear that you're desperate. It comes out April 27th and will retail for $59.99. Read More