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The Rabbids Turn Five

"Bwaaaaaah!" It's been five years since we first heard that iconic shriek. The wail has been heard countless times across various consoles, indicatin Read More


Week-Ending Game Endings - 11.06.09 - Rayman Raving Rabbids

With the release of Ubisoft's Rabbids Go Home this week, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back and see how the first encounter between Rayman and the twisted bunnies ended. I never did beat that game, anyway. ...wow. That... that kind of sucks. Seriously, what a downer, and from what I've heard, there aren't any alternate endings, nor could I find any on YouTube (or GameTrailers). Now I'm glad I never bothered to finish. Hope the other games, Rabbids Go Home especially, do better than this disc of depression. Read More


Ubisoft Talks About Rayman and the Music of Rabbids Go Home

Ubisoft's Rabbids Go Home is finally available, and Game Informer caught up with Creative Producer Jacques Exertier to talk about the making of the game and the Rabbids themselves in an interview. One question asked is one on the minds of numerous gamers every time a new Rabbids game is announced: what about Rayman? Read More


Rayman Coming to DSiWare

The image above is from Germany's USK Rating Board (the equivalent of our ESRB). According to the rating, Rayman is set to make an appearance on to DSiWare in the future. Nothing else is currently known. Could this be a full adventure, like Rayman DS? Or will it continue the path of the Raving Rabbids series and focus on casual mini-games? More info should arise soon. Read More


Overlord Developer Says Wii Ports of 360 Games Don't Work

When conducting an interview with Triumph Studios Creative Director Lennart Sas, Official Xbox Magazine asked why the company decided to create a separate version of its new title, Overlord II, for the Wii console. "That was our publisher's decision to do that," he explained, "And I think that it's a good decision because I don't think direct ports to the Wii work..." Find out why he believes this is the case after the cut. Read More


Rabbids Developers Gear Up Their Bunnies for Core Gamers

Among gamers, there exists those who appreciate the zany, insane antics of Rayman's rascally rivals, the Raving Rabbids, but find the mini-game style of gameplay to be a turn-off. But with their upcoming title, Rabbids Go Home, revealed to be a "comedy-adventure" platformer, those same fans were finally able to rejoice: It seemed that Ubisoft was finally making a Rabbids game for the core gamer. And in fact, the newest issue of Nintendo Power (via Dpad) has revealed that is exactly what they were hoping to do. "Core Nintendo gamers should enjoy the controls and gameplay variety as well as the open progressive structure," said Creative Director Jacque Exertier. "We are working to make Rabbids Go Home easy to learn, hard to master, in the finest Nintendo tradition." In addition, the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has revealed much more about the upcoming title. Read More


Ubisoft Tell Rabbids to Go Home for the Holidays

Rayman's wacky Rabbid... er, rivals? Calling them "foes" just doesn't seem right. In any case, the Raving Rabbids are breaking away from Rayman, and Ubisoft is sending them home this holiday season in "Rabbids Go Home." Better still, for those sick and tired of the mini-games of past Rabbid titles but who still love the characters, you'll be thrilled to know that this is being billed as a "comedy-adventure," which seems to translate into "platformer." Keep reading for the short-but-sweet press release, and you can find a larger version of the teaser art (billed as a "screenshot" from Ubi) above in our gallery. Read More


Ubisoft's Games Sell Well, but Calls Prince of Persia "A Slow Starter"

Ubisoft has revealed some of their to-date sales numbers for a few of their latest titles, including Shaun White Snowboarding, Far Cry 2, Rayman: Raving Rabbids TV Party, and Prince of Persia. Shaun White's numbers are particularly impressive, selling 2.3 million copies around the world, making it second only to Mr. John Madden's NFL recycling program in the US. Read More


Ubisoft: Aggressive Third Parties Can be Successful on Wii

"Can third-parties do well on the Wii?" That is the ongoing question; some believe that attempts to get a solid hit on Nintendo's hit platform are destined to be overshadowed by Nintendo themselves; EA sees it as a challenge to be overcome, while Ubisoft believes it's possible, provided publishers a) are releasing software of competitive quality, and b) carefully plan out their release strategies. Read More


Playboy + Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party = Awesome

Every couple of weeks the Internet coughs up a gem of a video that makes me secretly thank the heavens that the World Wide Web actually exists. Yes, some videos could make you lose your lunch or spit Capri-Sun all over your keyboard, but other ones are simply too weird and awesome to describe. This video is one them. The following video is for Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party but it features girls from Playboy playing the game. No they're not naked but they are accompanied by a horribly annoying Rabbid that is wearing nothing but a helmet. Even worse, he gets in the damn way of the girls getting their waggle on. If there's one thing you should never do, it's never block my view of females waggling. Thank you. Check the video after the jump... sicko. Read More