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Rayman Origins is a multiplayer Action-Adventure Platforming game which explains the origins of Rayman and details how he became the hero of his video game series. Designed both for new fans of Rayman and longtime players, the game is set in the gameworld of the "Glade of Dreams" which is being torn apart by nightmares that are literally transforming it. With the help of his friend Globox and two wizards known as teensies Rayman must use his platforming and puzzle-solving skills to save the day. Additional features include: 60 game levels, 12 unique worlds, 100+ characters and 4-player co-op gameplay support.

Rayman Origins Review

Before Ubisoft was known for Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, or any of their other major franchises, the French studio was known for one armless and legless platformer: Rayman. Rayman, born from the mind of Michel Ancel, has bounced his way from initial sidescrolling platforming through console and handheld generations into the third dimension, through motion control,  and various side genres. Although he has critical and commercial success, he has never really been a AAA franchise, quietly pleasing gamers with solid platforming in beautifully realized surrealist worlds. With Rayman Origins, Rayman and his pals, Globox and the various Teensies, team up in a revivalist piece that marries modern platforming techniques spearheaded by... Read Review

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