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Rayman Origin Demo

Discover the action packed jungle of Swinging Caves, fly on a mosquito in Aim for the Eel, and challenge a boss in Moray of the Deep in Rayman Origins! 

Rayman Origin Demo

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Rayman Origin Demo

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Rayman Origin Demo
Mike Meredith Mike Meredith
March 06, 2012

Description of Rayman Origin Demo

Rayman Origins is a multiplayer Action-Adventure Platforming game which explains the origins of Rayman and details how he became the hero of his video game series. Designed both for new fans of Rayman and longtime players, the game is set in the gameworld of the "Glade of Dreams" which is being torn apart by nightmares that are literally transforming it. With the help of his friend Globox and two wizards known as teensies Rayman must use his platforming and puzzle-solving skills to save the day. Additional features include: 60 game levels, 12 unique worlds, 100+ characters and 4-player co-op gameplay support.

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