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Follow Rayman on an adventure through 76 new levels in a colorful fiesta themed world full of maracas, hot pepper disco balls, limes and piñatas where he will run, swim, slide, punch and bounce through obstacles and boss fights. Once a level is perfected, invasion mode unlocks, letting players test their skills by conquering new challenges in each level.

Rayman Fiesta Run Review

Did you love Rayman Jungle Run? You did? Good, then go buy and download Rayman Fiesta Run. Fiesta Run improves on everything set up by its free-running predecessor, making it a must-have game for anyone with a smart phone. With an already impressive dose of Rayman released with Rayman Legends, Fiesta Run brings the series to new heights. A combination of rhythm-platformer and endless runner, Rayman Fiesta Run brings more of the same successful formula and gorgeous visuals of Rayman Jungle Run, but changes some things to keep the game fresh. Gone are the worlds and levels of Jungle Run. In its place is a winding path of progression, much like the one that can be found in Candy Crush. As you collect more Lums in each level, more of the winding path will unlock, even sprinkling you... Read Review

Rayman Fiesta Run Cheats

There are currently no cheats available for Rayman Fiesta Run.