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Ratchet: Deadlocked News

Insomniac All for a Ratchet & Clank Collection

Insomniac All for a Ratchet & Clank Collection

Lately there's been quite a bit of buzz around Sony's sudden interest in creating anthologies of classic PlayStation franchises. The God of War Collection landed earlier this year and the Sly Collection is due to land this fall. Furthermore, Sony has expressed interest in creating more HD collections, so could Ratchet & Clank possibly fit that bill? If so, count Insomniac as fans of the idea. Ringing endorsements after the break. Read More

kombo Jul 2, 2010 | Comments
Resistance 2 to Have Facebook-Like Community, Squad-Based Multiplayer

Resistance 2 to Have Facebook-Like Community, Squad-Based Multiplayer

In Resistance: Fall of Man, Nathan Hale waged war against the Chimera in near solitude. Sure, he'd happen upon some hapless ally soldiers, but they'd quickly be torn to shreds by a lethal Chimeran BFG. Well, it seems Resistance 2 is aiming to give Hale a little company on his cold march through a Chimera-infested earth by emphasizing community -- both inside and outside of the game. Much has been said of Resistance 2's 60-man multiplayer skirmishes, but today Insomniac announced that those confrontations won't be quite as disorganized as Resistance: Fall of Man's were. Players will be divided up into squads, and will respawn accordingly. Each squad will have a designated opposing squad, and both squabbling teams will fight to accomplish the same thing. Sounds counterproductive, but I'm sure there's more to it. For those who want to spend a little more time with their squad mates, but can't afford a plane ticket, Insomniac's Ted Price has good news for you. Taking endeavors like Rockstar's Social Club and Nintendo's Smash Bros. Dojo to the next level, Insomniac is turning resistance.net into a Facebook-style social network. I look forward to some incredibly creative status updates. Resistance 2 will be invading PS3's this holiday season, and if this update is any indication, it'll be full to bursting with a variety of excellent features. After all, Insomniac's never let us down before. Well, there was Ratchet: Deadlocked. Read More

kombo May 6, 2008 | Comments