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Disney Interactive Aims to Bring Open World Imagination to Gamers with Toy Story 3

Fans of Disney and Pixar's Toy Story franchise know only too well that the third movie in the trilogy is on its way this year. Naturally, it doesn't take any stretching of the imagination to determine that Disney Interactive would be capitalizing on it with their own video game adaptation of the film. Sure enough, they declared their intent in only the most fitting of places: last weekend's 2010 Toy Fair in New York City. And while the game's story mode will indeed follow the events of the movie, Toy Story 3: The Video Game goes beyond that with a feature attraction of its own: Toy Box, a game mode offers an open-world sandbox style of gameplay with a virtual box of toys. Read More


Majesco and Mama Respond to PETA's Cooking Mama Mock-up

After PETA ripped on Cooking Mama by ripping off Cooking Mama, one was left to wonder if Majesco would say anything of the matter, or just let it all go. And today, we got our answer:Cooking Mama Responds to PETA by Highlighting Vegetarian Offerings in Latest Wii(TM) Videogame Release - Cooking Mama World Kitchen EDISON, N.J., Nov 19, 2008 Food lover and culinary cutie Cooking Mama is a virtual chef who believes that good home cooked food, properly prepared from the best ingredients, can bring people together around the table and make the world a happier place. That's why Mama is taking a stand with oven mitts raised high against the latest PETA objection targeting her freshly released videogame, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, that shipped this week for Wii(TM) from Majesco Entertainment Company (Nasdaq: COOL). Mama wants people to know that World Kitchen includes 51 recipes from around the world, ranging from vegetarian fare like miso soup and rice cakes to international delicacies like ginger pork and octopus dumplings. "I would never put rat in my Ratatouille," said a feisty Mama while beating some eggs. "Like any accomplished cook, I create my recipes to appeal to a broad range of tastes and preferences. My only goal is to ensure you leave the table well fed." Cooking Mama World Kitchen includes more than 25 vegetarian-friendly recipes including delicious breakfast, dinner, dessert and snack options. And, while Mama is not a vegetarian, she fully supports the humane treatment of animals, particularly for her canine protege Max who makes his doggie debut in World Kitchen. -- Press ReleaseSo there you have it: Like many people, Mama likes animals by her side as well as on her plate. Read More


Wall-E Not Bringing in the Mon-E

Ah, poor Wall-E. He's a robot, and a lonely robot at that. He stars in a hit motion picture, and one with a message about overindulgence and waste. But perhaps that message was conveyed a little too well, as it seems few have indulged in his recently-released video game, leading to it already being discounted at retail. "While Wall-E initially seemed well positioned given the easy comp vs Ratatouille and strong box office and critical acclaim for the movie, thus far it does not seem so promising for the videogame." --Tom Greenwald, Signal Hill analyst But the game, which hasn't received rave reviews yet is a key part of THQ's lineup, may yet have hope: "We expect Wall-E sales to skew heavily toward the holiday quarter as well, and believe that the game will sell through better than its predecessor, Ratatouille. ..Recent investor concerns about the game's first week sales being 'disappointing' are misguided." --Michael Pachter, Wedbush Morgan analyst Pachter adds that he estimates a sell-through of 4.5 million units, 10% more than Ratatouille. To date, THQ has been unable to match the success of their tie-in of Disney-Pixar's Cars, which was the second-best selling game of 2007 in North America. Read More