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A whole new species of fishing game! Experience whacky and funny fishing as you race your motorboat to capture the best fishing holes and reel in the biggest pile of fish. But hurry! You

Rapala: We Fish Review

Rapala has always been a major brand in the fishing world, and is now becoming a staple in video-games. Rapala has a number of fishing titles across many different platforms with the most recent hitting the Wii in the form of Rapala: We Fish. In We Fish, you will take control of the ready-made characters available and are immediately be thrown into a tournament. This mode has a number of different difficulties landing you in different lakes in which you must be the first player to complete each goal. Each lake has a different goal and in order to win, you will be asked to those tasks such as be the first person to get 20 lbs. of fish or be the first to catch five fish. We Fish's charm comes from the whacky fish, characters and environment. This is what worked well. The character and... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Rapala: We Fish.