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Rant: Is Nintendo Ignoring Super Mario Galaxy?

Rant: Is Nintendo Ignoring Super Mario Galaxy?

In the spirit of the new approach we're taking here at Kombo (to say nothing of a moderately slow day), I figured I'd take a little me-time to air a grievance I've got going here. Now, maybe the title is a tad misleading. I mean, given that this is the same company whose American branch has practically proven that they hate Earthbound with every fiber of their being, it's kind of tough to say that they're ignoring Super Mario Galaxy, one of their biggest and more recent releases. But at the same time... well, let's dig a little further as I explain. I haven't exactly kept close tabs on Mario Kart Wii-- at least, not the tracks, as I like to see them for myself the first time I drive through them. I have a rough idea of what's there, that's about it. So reading through this article which details four tracks the writer would like to see in Mario Kart Wii, it dawned on me further that Nintendo does seem to be losing a little bit of touch with what made Mario Kart so great. Read More