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Ragnarok Tactics Review

What a month the Ragnarok series has been having. Hot on the heels of Ragnarok Odyssey, a hopeful PS Vita replacement for the now 3DS-exclusive Monster Hunter franchise, comes Ragnarok Tactics, a tactical JRPG that’s out on PSP for some reason. Oh yeah, and they’re both based on the Korean MMO Ragnarok Online from the early 2000’s. It’s definitely bizarre, and yet Odyssey has been racking up some pretty solid reviews across the board. But what about this other, odd, slightly-dated duck? Is it worth dusting off the PSP for one more go around? The short answer is yes, but as usual, it’s complicated. The game is a tactical JRPG, but unlike some others you might be familiar with, this game holds your hand the whole way, and while it’s not always... Read Review

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