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Ragnarok Odyssey is an Action Role-Playing game (RPG) for PlayStation Vita, that is set in a unique environment based in Norse mythology. Loosely built upon the world of the South Korean MMORPG Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Odyssey challenges players to protect their home of Rune Midgard from a rampaging mass of invading giants, set on destruction. To do so they will have to master a challenging battle system full of fluid combos and chain attacks, and enlist the help of friends online. Additional features include: deep character customization, six job classes, and beautiful cutscenes that take advantage of the PS Vita's superior graphics capabilities.

Ragnarok Odyssey Review

The PS Vita is unfortunately lacking in the RPG department. Some could argue that RPGs are meant for the console, and yet some of the best RPG experiences I've had were on dedicated handhelds. It's no surprise that Ragnarok Odyssey feels like a breath of fresh air for the Vita and manages to capture an addictive mission-based formula that's built for playing on the go. Ragnarok Odyssey is either a side story, spin-off, or some sort of offshoot to Ragnarok Online — an anime styled MMO that dates back to 2003. Looking at the game, you'd never really know it, besides some cliched character classes that can be found in both. Familiarity with the original game isn't necessary for your enjoyment, and while I have played Ragnarok Online, none of that knowledge... Read Review

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