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Radiant Silvergun Cheats


Trophy Xbox 360



Clear Arcade (15) Clear Arcade Mode
Clear Story (15) Clear Story Mode
Cleared Without Using Continues (30) Clear Arcade Mode without using continues
Complete Breakdown (10) Destroy a boss with 100% destruction
Genuine Complete Breakdown (20) Destroy all bosses 100%
Hyper Sword (5) Use Hyper Sword
Max Chain (20) Get 100,000 points by chain bonus
MERRY (5) Find hidden bonus
On the Leaderboard (10) Upload a score to the Leaderboards
Sword Master (30) Clear level 1 using only the Sword
Top Breeder (20) Find all hidden bonuses
Weapon Master (20) Get three weapons to maximum level


Free Play for Arcade Mode:

Play for more than 7 hours to unlock this mode.

Extra Credits/Lives

Hint Xbox 360

Extra Credits/Lives:

Extra Credits in Arcade Mode For every hour accrued in Arcade Mode in Play Stats, one additional credit is added to Arcade Mode.
Extra Lives in Story Mode For every hour accrued in Story Mode in Play Stats, one additional life is added to Story Mode.


Avatar Awards

Hint Xbox 360

Avatar Awards:

Long-Sleeved T-Shirt Play the Arcade Mode 20 times.
Player Battleship & Controller Play the Story Mode 20 times.


More Credits

Unlock Xbox 360
An additional credit is available for each hour of game play that is accumulated.

Hidden Images

Unlock Xbox 360
Insert the game disc into a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and look in the "Furoku " directory for several bitmap graphic image files.

Level Select

Unlock Xbox 360
Successfully complete the game one time.

Select Game Speed

Unlock Xbox 360
Accumulate more than three hours of game play.

View Attack Range

Unlock Xbox 360
Accumulate more than twelve hours of game play.

Change Plane Speed

Unlock Xbox 360
Accumulate more than forty-eight hours of game play.