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Kinect Joy Ride Review

Originally announced as an Xbox Live Arcade title that took advantage of Microsoft’s new Avatar models last year at E3, Big Park’s Kinect Joy Rid Read More

Robert Workman Jan 1, 2011 | Comments
E3 2010: Days of Thunder NASCAR Edition Hands-On

E3 2010: Days of Thunder NASCAR Edition Hands-On

Days of Thunder is quite possibly the greatest racing movie of all time. Days of Thunder was to the Daytona 500 what Top Gun was to the US Navy. It was a screaming, unapologetic thrill ride based on the kind of mindless suicide driving you'll never see on television again. There have been some attempts to create an official product based on the brand in the past, but technology hampered it. Days of Thunder for the NES was an impressive 8-bit tech demo, but not a very fun racer. To date, Days of Thunder hasn't gotten the "official" video game treatment it deserves. Sega's Daytona USA is probably the closest thing available, which is why its only fitting that Paramount's Days of Thunder exclusively for PS3 is essentially a modern day take on the classic arcade racer. Read More

kombo Jun 24, 2010 | Comments

ATV Quad Kings review

ATV games have come and gone, some being more memorable than others. Some have tried new control schemes, while others paired up ATVs with other vehi Read More

Mike Splechta Apr 28, 2010 | Comments