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Rabbids Go Home Review

The spaced-out, whacked-out, and generally insane Rabbids are back again on the Wii but this time in a different type of setting. Instead of another collection of mind-numbing mini-games, Rabbids Go Home is an actual game. Now it’s hard to pigeonhole Go Home into just one gameplay genre. Instead Rabbids Go Home takes several prominent gameplay elements and shoves them into a blender to make its own frenzied concoction. The premise of Go Home is simple enough that it’s exactly what you think the Rabbids would want to do. They want to go to the moon. Yep the moon. Not by a rocket, nope, they want to scrape together the biggest pile of junk that can reach the moon. It seems that by hanging out in the junkyard that the Rabbids honestly believe they can reach the moon by... Read Review

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    Rabbids Go Home - WII - Review

    jkdmedia Nov 14, 2009