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In R.U.S.E., a player’s ability to deceive and mislead enemies will determine his or her success, a first for a strategy game. Using military strategy and wartime tactics such as camouflaging troops, luring opponents with decoy units, sabotaging enemy plans and more, players must use their brainpower as the ultimate weapon in order to lead their armies to victory. Featuring fast-paced, addictive cooperative and adversarial skirmishes, players can test their strategic skills with up to eight players at a time. Compatible with multi-touch technology as well as the PlayStation Move motion controller, players of R.U.S.E. can enjoy an immersive gaming experience on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and Windows PC with some of the latest and most cutting-edge technologies. In addition, R.U.S.E. features the IRISZOOM Engine (which allows players to quickly and intuitively zoom in and out of the battlefield) as well as a simplified interface.

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The art of deception can be pretty slick if it's played to the right extent. An espionage-based movie, for instance, will keep our attention if it has a hero who's a master of con games, or an extraordinary twist midway through that changes everything you've come to realize in the film. Ubisoft has adapted the art of deception into its latest game, the real-time strategy title R.U.S.E. And while it has some interesting concepts behind it, the general flow of the game and lack of interest in characters keep us from being just as intrigued as we would any given chapter in the Bourne trilogy.In the game, you'll tackle two campaigns, both based out of World War II. The first has you working with Major Joe Sheridan of the United States Army, as he guides his First Armored Division across... Read Review

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