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ESSENTIAL ‘80S ARCADE GAMEPLAY. NO TOKENS REQUIRED. Why mess with a classic? R-Type for iPhone & iPod touch stays true to its roots, re-capturing the look and feel of one of the biggest arcade game hits from back in the day. A REAL BLAST FROM THE PAST Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire! Pilot your futuristic fighter, the R-9a “Arrowhead,” and attack wave after wave of Bydo baddies in old-school side-shooter style. It’s the relentlessly challenging R-Type just the way you remember it! INCLUDES ALL THE FEATURES OF THE ORGINAL Fly through 8 levels with 3 different control options – tilt, touch, and virtual D-pad. Play in two difficulty levels. Upgrade with new weapons, power-ups, and attachments. Defeat 8 unique bosses in awesome battles, too. THINK IT’S EASY TO BEAT? THINK AGAIN! It might be retro, but R-Type is still famously hard to master. It’s do-or-die all the way through every level. That’s why IGN ranks R-Type in its all-time Top 10 “Toughest Games to Beat”!

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Irem’s side-scrolling shoot-em-up R-Type has been released in so many forms, we’ve lost count. There was the Turbo Grafx 16 edition, the Sega Master System iteration, the arcade game (produced by Nintendo), the Game Boy version, its inclusion in the R-Types compilation for PlayStation, and revamped as part of R-Type Dimensions for Xbox Live Arcade. Its latest release now comes courtesy of Electronic Arts, this time for the iPhone and iPod Touch. And, to some, it’s a game that still holds some worth – as long as you find the right configuration that suits you.If you’ve never played R-Type before, here’s the rundown: It is a side-scrolling shooter taking place in the deep reaches of space, where the alien Bydo Empire has taken control. Utilizing a number of power-ups and a handy... Read Review

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