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R.I.P.D. The Video Game Review

I had a good ritual for this year's Comic-Con. To get myself hyped up for the event, I decided to play a string of games based on comic books. Batman the Video Game for NES made the list, along with the recent Deadpool ("BOING!") and Batman: Arkham City – just because. But then I made a little mistake – I added R.I.P.D. the Game. Never heard of it? Well,... Read Review

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Hard Reset Review

Forget run and cover mechanics, regenerating health, or constantly reloading weapons. Hard Reset is straight-forward, shoot-anything-that-moves game Read More

Matt Liebl Sep 13, 2011 | Comments
DJ Hero 2 Set List

DJ Hero 2 Set List

The final track list has been announced, and it boasts 85 completely original mixes that can’t be heard anywhere else. Not only did Freestyle games get access to some of the top DJ’s mixes, but all of these mixes are comprised of hit songs... some of which haven’t even left radio play yet because they’re still new. These are songs that you absolutely need to experience, and fans of the genre (and even those who aren’t) will find that there is no better video game soundtrack in existence. Hit the break below to see what’s playable when DJ Hero 2 arrives this fall, and be prepared for an audiophiles dream come true. Read More

kombo Sep 28, 2010 | Comments
Top Ten Mondays: Video Game Engineers

Top Ten Mondays: Video Game Engineers

Much is said about game designers. They are the celebrities of our industry, much akin to those who sit in the director's chair in Hollywood. But just like the film industry, little is ever mentioned concerning the folks behind the scenes. Without video game hardware, video game software cannot exist. Here's a look at ten of the most influential engineers in the history of video game hardware. #10: Steve Jobs The iPad and the iPhone may not exactly be a haven for quality video game experiences, but one cannot dispute the influence of Steve Jobs on the world of video game tecnology. While it was Nintendo that initially brought the touch-screen interface to the mainstream populace in 2004, it was Jobs who perfected the interface over many years of R&D. The iPad can recognize up to eleven fingers simultaneously and is arguably the most inviting casual gaming platform. The screens of the two devices offer one of the most natural input experiences of any platform, even if the finger is considerably less accurate than a stylus or mouse. Read More

kombo Aug 8, 2010 | Comments
Universal Game Controller Patent Filed by Sony

Universal Game Controller Patent Filed by Sony

In days of old, most people would have one video game system they actively played. Maybe two, if they were one of the rich kids. But these days, people can have upwards of three consoles, not to mention remotes for the television, the DVD player, the surround sound system, and probably some other stuff, too. In the latter cases, universal remotes are made to simplify things and remove the hassle. So why not do the same for video game consoles? And while this sounds like a concept that would be realized by a third-party peripheral manufacturer such as Mad Catz, it is in actuality Sony that has filed a patent for a universal video game controller. Read More

kombo Feb 19, 2010 | Comments