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Players fight for dominance over island territories using eight-letter anagrams to build the highest-scoring word possible. Quarrel for Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 includes the fun challenge of online multiplayer, supporting up to four players to prove who has the most lexical prowess. Players can also compete against nine unique AI in the classic Single Player mode, or take on the Challenge mode to take on extra mini-objectives within each battle.

Quarrel Review

Those of you with iOS devices might already be familiar with the game Quarrel.  For me, it was an entirely new game.  Knowing little about the game before actually playing it, I assumed it would be your typical Xbox LIVE boring board game.  So you can imagine the surprise, and joy, when I booted it up to find out it was a mix of two of my favorite games -- Scrabble and Risk. Quarrel, at it's core, is an anagram game.  You are given eight letters, each assigned a point value, and are tasked with spelling a word worth the most points.  Similar to Scrabble, less common letters like "J" and "V" are worth more.  Spell a word worth more points than your opponent and you win that round. Here's the catch, and the part where... Read Review

Quarrel Cheats


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A Rag Man (5) Make your first ever Quarrel anagram.
Anagramalamadingdong! (15) Make a staggering 100 Quarrel anagrams.
Call That a Challenge? (20) Complete all Challenges to Gold standard.
Down in One! (10) Claim Calamari Cove from Dwayne, Caprice and Malik in a single turn.
Elite Beat! (25) Defeat Rex, Helena and Kali in a single timed match.
Four's a Crowd (10) Capture a prisoner from each player in a four-player match.
Incrediword! (15) Make a word worth at least 20 points.
Jailhouse Rock (10) Capture a phenomenal 100 prisoners.
Omniscience (30) Finish a match with a perfect Word IQ of 200.
Showdown Showoff (20) Defeat all-comers in Showdown.
Unbeaten! (20) Capture Starfish Bay in Domination without losing a single quarrel.
World Leader (20) Dominate the Known Quarrel World and wear the Quarrel Crown.