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In the first-person puzzle platformer Quantum Conundrum , players must use the unusual ability to shift dimensions to navigate the twisting corridors of Quadwrangle Manor. Players take on the role of a young kid dropped off on his uncle's doorstep for the weekend; his uncle just so happens to be the brilliant, eccentric inventor, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle.

Quantum Conundrum Review

Quantum Conundrum has some massive shoes to fill. Being the next puzzle game from the mind of Kim Swift, Project Lead on the original Portal, is perhaps the biggest shoes a $15 project could try to step into. In a lot of ways, Quantum Conundrum feels like the smaller, less accomplished brother of Portal. Both games are first-person puzzlers, involve a snarky narrator, lead the player through a series of puzzle chambers, and end with a credits sequence that involves a song written within the game's fiction. The similarities to Portal hurt Quantum Conundrum much like how a younger brother might be hurt by the high standards set by a successful older brother. Portal comparisons aside, Kim Swift's new first-person puzzler still packs a lot of charm. Quantum Conundrum places... Read Review

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  • quantum conundrum review

    Quantum Conundrum review

    Erich Sherman Jun 26, 2012 | 5 Comments