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Puyo Pop Fever - Feature

Puyo Pop Fever

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Sumo Digital Talks SEGA Superstars Tennis

Nearly 10 years after Nintendo began cashing in on their vast wealth of characters in sports spin-offs, SEGA finally realized that they've got a pretty good library of characters for that sort of thing, too. And so it came to be that they would find themselves partnered with Sumo Digital to produce a tennis game across five platforms this March, each with its own unique attributes and full of classic SEGA goodness. CVG got a chance to sit down and chat about the title, and what can be expected from SEGA's foray away from the Virtua style of sporting-- specifically, the Wii version of the title, of course. Read More



The DS is puzzle-game heaven, and we've got another one coming. Due out shortly on the horizon is another new puzzle for... Read More


Puyo Pop Fever

All characters Enter the Single or Endless mode starting menu, then quickly press Up, Down, Triangle, Square, Start to unlock... Read More