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Pursuit Force for PSP

Pursuit Force


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Pursuit Force for the PSP system brings Hollywood-style movie action to life by delivering high-speed vehicle chases and thrilling shootouts, all in the quest for justice. In Pursuit Force, players take the role of a young rookie police officer, responsible for tracking down and thwarting five criminal gangs in and around Capital City. Pursuit Force presents a variety of gameplay elements for each criminal case, including collect and follow assignments, high-speed pursuit, on-foot action, and aerial attacks. Featuring an innovative gameplay mechanic where players can jump from vehicle to vehicle at speeds of more than 150 MPH, Pursuit Force keeps the action moving seamlessly. Players will hang perilously as they battle with enemy gangs and attempt to commandeer a number of vehicles. Players will skirt along city highways and dusty tracks in speeding cars, bikes, SUVs, and buses, and high-powered speedboats are available for chases through metropolitan waterways and scenic, canyon-lined rivers.