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Microsoft Unveils TGS Lineup

All Microsoft-themed articles this week must feature at least one Halo: Reach image With TGS upon us it's time for the companies to begin the show and tell process. Thankfully, Microsoft has just released the full list of games which they'll have available at this week's show. It's quite a hefty dollop of stuff indeed, and gamers should be very pleased with all that's being offered. Hit the jump for the full list. Read More


Sony Court New European PSPgo Owners, Shower With Gifts

Sony have finally released details of the PSPgo promotion which allows customers to get ten pre-selected games for free. It's especially good news for Europeans. And it's worth questioning why this is. There actually is a similar deal for the US, too. But it's not quite as generous. Hit the jump for more details. Read More


Sony attempt to turn "PSPno!" back into PSPgo with TEN free games

Bought a PSPgo recently? Feel like it might have been a massive and hideous mistake? Sony have a sweet little incentive coming up that might convince gamers to give the ailing system another chance. How does ten free games sound? And all new PSPgo owners have to do to claim this is register their system online. This is extremely generous of Sony... or extremely desperate. Will this deal save the PSPgo or is she finally lost with all hands? Hit the jump for more, me hearties. Read More


Valve Wants Next Half-Life Game To Be Scarier

Valve's Gabe Newell, in an interview with Edge Magazine, said that he wants the next game in the Half-Life series to scare people. "I feel like we've gotten away from genuinely scaring the player more than I'd like, and it's something we need to think about, in addition to broadening the emotional palette we can draw on." The Half-Life series has always featured it's heavy share of terrifying areas and sequences. In Half-Life 2, Gordon Freeman had to venture into the abandoned town of Ravenholm. Set in the deepest of night, the level echoed with the noise of Headcrab Zombies moaning in terror, and the place was infested with them. The Combine had shelled the town with missiles loaded with Headcrabs in order to destroy a refugee colony that had settled in the village, and the resulting horror-filled landscape offered gamers a tense, terrifying journey where ammo seemed to be increasingly rare and the zombies became more and more frightening the deeper into the village that Freeman explored. Hit the break for more. Read More


PSPGo European UMD Rewards Program Detailed

During the 2009 Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has attempted to answer what has been one of the most pressing questions on the PSPGo – how UMD owners will transfer over their games. Their answer is not quite a "replacement" plan so much as a rebate of some sort. Those who buy a PSPGo while still owning any previous PSP model with UMD discs will at first be able to download three of 17 titles from the Playstation Store of their choice for free. All of the titles are games currently available on the European Playstation Store, which has the least amount of PSP content out of all the regions. No word yet on whether this deal will expand to include more titles. Read More


E3 2009 Media: Motorstorm Arctic Edge Fact Sheet and Trailer

The most brutal offroad racing festival returns, with players taking part in the latest off-beat and secret site to join the wild and alternative MotorStorm festival. This time around, the location moves to the unpredictable Alaskan terrain, where players will race through multi-route tracks, harsh terrain, and sub-zero conditions to try and become festival champ. Read More