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  • Available on PS Vita
  • Developer: Sony
  • Release Date(s): Feb 22, 2012
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Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd | Launch Trailer PS3, PS Vita

For you long-time fans, this is the best Project DIVA release yet. For those of you who first played Project DIVA last year with the first international rele...

Woah Dave! | PS Vita

Woah Dave! is a single screen, retro-arcade platformer coming to PlayStation Vita. Watch Woah Dave! creator Jason Cirillo play Bonkers! mode.

Murasaki Baby | PS Vita Gameplay

When a scared little girl awakes lost and alone in a strange land full of terrifying nightmares, she desperately needs you to help find her mummy. Hold Baby’...

Child of Light | PS Vita Announcement Trailer

In announcing Child of Light for the PlayStation Vita, Ubisoft has released an accolades trailer celebrating the high scores of its mesmerizing turn-based RPG.

The Walking Dead: Season Two | PS Vita Launch Trailer

The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode 1 - 'All That Remains' and Episode 2 - 'A House Divided' are now available for download for PlayStation Vita via the Pl...

Murasaki Baby PS Vita Trailer

Take Baby's hand and protect her as you guide her in a fantastic journey through a dramatic, yet grotesque world made of nightmarish visions, peculiar charac...

The Recap - 09/09/13 'PS Vita goes on a diet & Suda 51 reveals Lily Bergamo'

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the day's biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games. League of Legend...

Real Boxing | PS Vita Trailer

Real Boxing™ is a stunning console-style boxing simulation game powered by Unreal Engine 3. Players will take a journey from amateur to pro in one of the mos...

Sunflowers 'Announcement' Trailer for PS Vita

Check out The Game Atelier's new game, SunFlowers, coming this autumn to PS Vita.

[E3 2012] Silent Hill: Book of Memories exclusive interview (PS Vita)

Silent Hill has seen its share of portable titles, but never like this! Book of Memories is a full on dungeon crawler, and could be the PS Vita's answer to D...

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS Vita E3 2012 Trailer (HD)

Get ready to infiltrate the jungles of Tselinoyarsk and the Big Shell tanker as the hit games, METAL GEAR SOLID 2 and METAL GEAR SOLID 3 make their ways to t...

Tips & Tricks Round 2 for Mortal Kombat on PS Vita

n this new Tips & Tricks video, producer Hector Sanchez and the design team at NetherRealm Studios go deeper into the game, providing fighting fans with some...

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time PS Vita Trailer (HD)

The portable version will contain all the same Sly Cooper action you will find on the PlayStation 3 along with some PS Vita specific features that incorporat...

Mortal Kombat PS Vita Mileena Live Action Full Trailer (HD)

Unleashing a storm of kicks and charges with her lethal sai, the beautiful assassin Mileena from Mortal Kombat showcases her destructive moves in this full-l...

Mortal Kombat (PS Vita) Klassic Skins Trailer – Male Kombatants

Available in stores on May 1, Mortal Kombat for PlayStation Vita handheld system provides an on-the-go fighting game experience with brand new gameplay featu...

Mortal Kombat PS Vita Mileena Live Action Teaser Trailer (HD)

A live action trailer showcasing beautiful and deadly Kombatant, Kitana (0:29)

BlazBlue Continuum Shift EXTEND (PS Vita) | BlazBlue Quiz Mode Trailer (HD)

The game features the devious, all new playable character Relius Clover, all DLC characters (Makoto Nanaya, Valkenhayn R Hellsing and Platinum the Trinity), ...

Mortal Kombat PS Vita Gameplay Trailer (HD)

A new Mortal Kombat video highlights some of the Vita-exclusive gameplay features (1:13)

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS Vita) | Japanese Trailer (HD)

The compilation comprises five seminal games including METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY, METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER, and METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALK...

Phantasy Star Online 2 (PS Vita) | Japanese Trailer

See the first ever shots of gameplay footage from Sega's upcoming MMO, exclusively for the PC and PS Vita.

FIFA Soccer (PS Vita) | The World Is In Play Trailer (HD) Tackle a next generation sports experience in the palm of your hand. Experience intelligent and responsive award-winning FIFA gamep...