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  • Available on PS Vita
  • Developer: Sony
  • Release Date(s): Feb 22, 2012
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Discover completely new ways to play. PS Vita revolutionizes the gaming experience with dual analog sticks, front and rear multi touch pads, motion sensors, and front and rear cameras. Game at the speed of your mobile lifestyle, start your game on PS3 and continue on the go with your PS Vita. The new PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi, powered by AT&T's Mobile Broadband Network, will change the way you game with real-time scores and game ranking news feeds, competitive multiplayer game sessions, and cross-game text messaging with Party. Game at the speed of your mobile life style. Use the front and rear cameras on your PS Vita create amazing augmented reality experiences in your games by transporting your world or yourself into the game. With PS Vita's motion sensor technology actively engage with the game like never before as you touch, tilt, and steer your PS Vita. Discover the endless ways to manipulate your environment, engage with your characters, and utilize in game tools. The multi touch display offers new ways to complete challenges and actions alike, all on a stunning 5" OLED screen.

PS Vita Review

The time of handhelds is far from dead, especially if Nintendo and Sony have anything to say about it. Nintendo's 3DS served as a nice update to their standard DS model, and while some may have prefered for the 3D fad to stop, it still shows that people are willing to accept this new piece of technology. Sony wasn't far behind however, as the PS Vita takes mostly everything gamers love about consoles and bunches it up into a compact handheld, sans the high def big-screen, of course. The Vita is surely a remarkable handheld that introduces a variety of new features and some truly impressive graphical capabilities, but should you dish out $250 - $300 for one? Design The PS Vita is slightly larger than Sony's original PSP. Many might not remember how big and... Read Review

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