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Square Enix Announce Strong GamesCom Lineup

Square Enix have some strong titles coming up for release throughout this year and into next. And it seems that most of them will be on display at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany between August 18 and 22. The company's stand features all their high-profile franchises. Headlining the lineup is the first public showing of the tremendously exciting Deus Ex: Human Revolution. But the company will also be showing off Kane & Lynch 2, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light, Final Fantasy XIV, Front Mission Evolved, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. An exciting lineup for sure. Find out more after the break. Read More

All Points Bulletin (APB) Screenshot - 866686

APB Preview

One of the first lessons I learned while speaking to Realtime Worlds is that APB is not Grand Theft Auto as an MMO. The comparison was met with more Read More


Treyarch: Black Ops Can Do Better Than MW2

Treyarch community manager Josh Olin told MCV UK earlier today that Black Ops can better Modern Warfare 2. "Modern Warfare 2 is an extremely successful entertainment launch, record selling, which is absolutely phenomenal," he said. "Every Call of Duty game has ratcheted the bar up for the next one, and we're just ratcheting up the bar one step further. I think Black Ops is going to exceed expectations. This game is going to be huge. Read More


Liara DLC May be Coming to Mass Effect 2

There are some very basic rules to video games. Pressing start pauses, headshots equal instant death (most of the time) and Bioware just plain rocks. Okay, the last one may be up for debate, but it is hard to argue since Bioware has put out some excellent games this generation. Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins and most recently, Mass Effect 2. These three games alone are more then enough to demonstrate that when it comes to making RPGs, Bioware knows what it's doing. So it's always at least mildly exciting when they announce some new DLC for one of their games and the latest rumors suggest that Mass Effect 2 may be in for some of the heaviest new content Bioware's put out in awhile. Read more after the break. Read More