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  • Release Date(s): Mar 02, 2012
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Three high school seniors attempt to make a name for themselves by throwing one unforgettable house party. As word spread, the party takes on a life of its own and before the night is over, dreams are ruined, records are blemished and legends are born.

Project X (2012) Review

If I wanted to watch sleazy teens grab at their balls and boast about plans of getting their dicks wet and chasing pussy I could have saved some money and loitered in front of the movie theater. Instead, I was treated to these charming characters via Project X, a film too lazy to have a real name—I shouldn't be surprised it didn't have any real characters. The film combines the seriously overplayed found-footage genre with the teen party movie, and tosses in a dash of barely legal girls-gone-wild action. It focuses on three boys, Thomas, Costa, and JB, as they plan the typical parents-are-gone mega-party for Thomas's birthday. To document the event, Costa enlists Dax, a quiet goth kid from the film club. Despite being dressed like a costumed crime fighter, Dax... Read Review

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