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E3 2010: Ubisoft And Kinect Are Best Friends Forever

Ubisoft today announced a few interesting details about their history with Microsoft's new Kinect device. Apparently they've been working with 3D camera technology since 2008 in collaboration with a company called PrimeSense. By pure coincidence, PrimeSense was later acquired by Microsoft to work on Project Natal. Ubi, who already had several projects on the go, were therefore a shoe-in to be an active part of the device's eventual launch as Kinect. Hit the jump for more on how Ubi are already trying to improve on Kinect's technology - and some details of the games they're working on. Read More


What Classic Titles Would WayForward Like to Revive?

WayForward Technologies has had something of a rocky history and a shaky reputation. Working primarily on licensed games early on, they did manage to make a name for themselves in the platformer Shantae. However, they were also often looked down upon for creating Ping Pals, which is widely considered one of the worst pieces of Nintendo DS software ever. Then, opportunity knocked, and they had the chance to create Contra 4 for Konami, which was met favorably upon release. Now, they're working on breathing new life into David Crane's A Boy and His Blog, and life seems to be good. During a recent interview with Nintendo Life (part two, to be exact), WayForward's Creative Director Matt Bozon, Designer/Director Adam Tierney, and Designer/Director Sean Velasco talk about what other retro games they would like to bring back to life, as well as hint that some others are already being discussed with the license holders. Check out some excerpts after the cut. Read More


Ignition and Tecmo Get Nostalgic, Announce DS RPG Nostalgia for North America

For a while, it seemed that there was no interest in a North American release for the DS role-playing game known as "Nostalgeo no Kaze" (among a number of translations). However, when all hope seemed to be lost, the power of not one, but two companies stepped in to make sure that come September, Western gamers would get the chance to step into an alternate 19th-century Earth. The game has quite the pedigree behind it: It's developed by Matrix Software, who were responsible for Dragon Quest V on the PS2 and Final Fantasies III-IV on the DS, and is done so in association with Red Entertainment, who has dabbled in such titles as Gungrave, Thousand Arms, and even Bonk. And for Japanophiles, it gets even better: Keisuke Kikuchi of Fatal Frame and Tokobot is the Producer, with direction by Sakura Taisen's Naoki Morita. Art direction comes from Yoshiteru Tsujino (known from Far East of Eden), with airship design by Takuhito Kusanagi (Grandia, Blue Submarine No.6, Samurai 7), and enemy design by Keita Amemiya (Iria- Zeiram the Animation, Kamen Rider). Their efforts will put players in the role of Eddie, a headstrong Londoner who, in true RPG fashion, amasses a group of followers who will join him as he travels the skies in a steampunk-inspired zeppelin. For the full story on this unique take on the genre, continue reading for the full press release. Read More


Updated: Original Star Fox Creator on Making Wii Version: "Not Interested"

Update: Thanks to TheWon, we have some further clarification on the story. Look for it at the end of the post. Original Story:The story of Star Fox is a rather interesting one. It blasted onto the 16-bit scene with a Super NES release which utilized 3D polygonal graphics realized by Nintendo's new Super FX chip. The game was a success, and almost beget a sequel, which was scrapped at the last minute in favor of a Nintendo 64 remake, which also proved to be quite popular. Perhaps even moreso than the original. And after that? Things began to quickly fall apart for the Star Fox team. One new game after another would arrive, not necessarily bad in some cases, but not delivering the type of quality Star Fox adventure fans of the first two games were looking for. G4 recently had the opportunity to sit down with Q Games President Dylan Cuthbert, and after talking to him about PixelJunk Eden, the conversation switched to Star Fox. Read More


New PixelJunk Project to be Shown at GDC

According to Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer, Q Games will be present at GDC this year. Word via a Sony PlayStation press invitation to reporters for Game Developers Conference today is that the next PixelJunk project from Q Games — makers of "PixelJunk Racers," "PixelJunk Monsters," "PixelJunk Eden" and the recently-teased "PixelJunk Monsters" for PSP — will be shown in San Francisco next week. Stephen goes on to say that Dylan Cuthbert, the lead creator of the series, will be giving a demonstration of the game on the 26th of March. For those of you who don't like calendars, that's Thursday. Stay tuned for more info during GDC next week. Read More