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Fifth Professor Layton Announced

Fifth Professor Layton Announced

Level 5 announced today the name and details of the fifth Professor Layton game for the DS. It will be a direct sequel to the fourth game in its trilogy of prequels. Upon this week's Japanese release of the fourth Layton game – The Specter's (or Devil's depending on the translation) Flute, Level 5 announced that the next game will be called The Miracle Mask and will release in Japan Fall 2010. It seems that Level 5 has pulled a Star Wars on us with the continuity of the Layton games. Miracle Mask along with Specter's Flute takes place before the first game Curious Village in a planned trilogy of prequels about sidekick Luke Triton first becoming Hershel Layton's apprentice. Read More

kombo November 25, 2009 | Comments