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Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Cheats

Top Secret Options

Unlock Nintendo DS
Character Profiles Acquire 2500 picarats
Character Voices Acquire 4000 picarats
Final page of profiles Complete all 153 puzzles
Game Music Acquire 3500 picarats
Movies Acquire 4500 picarats
Story Art Acquire 3000 picarats

Layton's Challenges

Unlock Nintendo DS
The Animal lover's House: puzzles 145,146,147 get the hamster to lose weight. it takes 30 step in a row to get the hamster to lose all the extra weight. also makes the hamster point out hit coins.
The Musicians House: puzzles 139,140,141 fix the camera and then take pictures of any place where the camera icon appears(there are 9). then find the 3 differences in each picture.
The Puzzle Doctor's House (Puzzles 151, 152, 153) Complete 150 puzzles.
The Sweetheart's House (148, 149, 150) Beat the game.
the Tea Master's house: puzzles 142,143,144 get all the tea ingrediants to find the different tea brews. then when any character has sweat drops over them(28) give them the tea the ask for.

Golden Icons

Unlock Nintendo DS
Golden Flora wearing the Proffesor's Hat Complete all 150 puzzles
Golden Layton Complete the Game
Golden Luke Complete all puzzles in the story mode

Concept Art Collection

Unlock Nintendo DS
Concept Art Collection Complete Professor Layton and the Unwound Future to obtain a code, then input the code in the Hidden Door menu.