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Fifth Professor Layton Announced

Level 5 announced today the name and details of the fifth Professor Layton game for the DS. It will be a direct sequel to the fourth game in its trilogy of prequels. Upon this week's Japanese release of the fourth Layton game – The Specter's (or Devil's depending on the translation) Flute, Level 5 announced that the next game will be called The Miracle Mask and will release in Japan Fall 2010. It seems that Level 5 has pulled a Star Wars on us with the continuity of the Layton games. Miracle Mask along with Specter's Flute takes place before the first game Curious Village in a planned trilogy of prequels about sidekick Luke Triton first becoming Hershel Layton's apprentice. Read More


Nintendo World to Launch Professor Layton and the Cobalt DS

Today, Nintendo announced the celebration of not only the Cobalt/Black DS, but also Professor Layton and the Curious Village at the Nintendo World Store in the Rockefeller Plaza of New York from 1-3pm on Sunday, February 10th. In addition to a chance to get a first look at Professor Layton, fans will also have the opportunity to take part in a game play tournament, and live Professor Layton puzzle challenges to win prizes, including the Cobalt/Black DS itself. All ages are welcome to attend at the Nintendo World Store, located at 10 Rockefeller Plaza in New York, NY. You can also call 646-459-0800 for details. Read More