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Assassin's Creed II Overtakes Modern Warfare 2 on PS3

According to a British gaming trade organization, Assassin's Creed II was the top-selling PS3 game last week, toppling Modern Warfare 2's streak in the UK. The game's fall to the number two spot under Assassin's Creed II is the most surprising shift in the ELSPA's charts for the week ending December 12th 2009. No one really knows is this is just a fluke or how long Assassin's Creed II can maintain its position at the top. Read More


Konami Plans to Tackle New Motion Controls Aggressively

Fans of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series can expect to see the franchise get much more active in their future PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 installments, as Konami plans to integrate Project Natal and Sony's Wand into the series' gameplay. And Konami may not be stopping there. "Up until 2009 we believed all the platforms should have the same controls and features," said Producer Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka at the European Championships in Nice. "That's no longer the case, because there are specific controllers for different machines, what with Natal and the PlayStation motion sensor system. I cannot say much, but I can say we are looking at integrating those devices into our games very aggressively." How these controls will be integrated into PES 2011-- or other Konami brands-- remains to be seen. Hopefully we will at least see better results than Castlevania Judgment. Read More


Konami Drops "Konami ID" System

Konami confirmed at GamesCom 2009 that they will be dropping their "Konami ID" system for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. No word yet on what this means for games that currently use the system like Metal Gear Solid 4's multiplayer. "We got so much feedback from the users," said producer Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka. "So, we gave up the Konami ID system." The Konami ID was Konami's separate online network that they imposed upon all their online games – namely the Pro Evolution Soccer series and Metal Gear Online. This circumvented the established networks of all platforms the games appeared on, causing confusion for those signing up to play Konami's games online. To play the current Pro Evolution Soccer or Metal Gear Solid 4 online, players must create a "Konami ID" to be used with all Konami games, then a separate "Game ID" to use with each game. This along with Konami's ill-prepared servers caused a sloppy launch for the Metal Gear Online beta and has since been maligned by gamers and even Hideo Kojima. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is set to release this November. Read More


Nintendo Reveals First- and Third-Party Holiday Lineup

Nintendo has released the planned publishing schedule as it stands for the Wii and Nintendo DS/DSi, from both themselves and their third-parties. A lot of definite dates are not set in, instead referenced as "Fall," "Holiday," or "November," for example, but nonetheless serves to give us an idea of what the coming months will bring. "This extensive lineup will keep players busy throughout the fall and into 2010," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "Shoppers know that Nintendo offers fun for everyone in the household." Nintendo also mentions the upcoming black Wii Remote, Nunchuk, and MotionPlus as being available "this holiday season," though they don't get any more specific than that. Hit the jump for the full press release and list of games that will become available. Read More


Konamis solid future

Konami future By Dakota Grabowski E3 was clearly the Hideo Kojima show. Kick starting E3 2009 off with a bang, Konami and Hideo Kojima took center st Read More


The Games That Don't Install Well on NXE, and How Much Room It Takes for Those That Do

One of the most hyped features (somewhere after Netflix and Avatars) of the New Xbox Experience is the ability to install games to the Xbox 360's hard drive. However, as Halo 3 has taught us, it's not quite a perfect procedure. In fact, it would seem that there is a small number of titles which don't really see any improvement when installed, thanks to the way the developers designed them. According to Destructoid, these titles are Big Bumpin', College Hoops 2k7, Pocket Bike Racers, Sneak King, Crackdown, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, and Quake II from the Quake IV Bonus Disc (according to NeoGAF). Or, to put it in a different perspective, it's the three Burger King promo games, an out-of-date basketball game, a game most people bought just to get into the Halo 3 beta, and a game most people probably don't want anyone else knowing they own, anyway. Takes a bit of the sting out of it, I figure. So now we know which ones don't work. But of those that do work, how much space will they take up? This is a question that's no doubt on the minds of many... or at least, however many bought a 360 with a 20GB hard drive. Fortunately, Sean has compiled a list over at NeoGAF which answers that very question, along with a few notes here and there about the reduction in load times. However, he notes "I can't possibly verify all of these sizes/notes, just going off of what people tell me. If there's an error please correct it and be nice about it." For your Kombo Konvenience, the list is posted right after the kut... er, cut. Whew, that was close. Read More